Things to Do When You're Bored

Search up questions that you have been dying to know, but haven't had time to search up, like "Why is the Sky blue?"

When talking to someone, stop talking suddenly and look behind them like something's happening. When they look back run away.

Make up a language, stare at the floor and act like there's a bug, in the middle of class stretch and yawn, when someone looks your way look at them like they're crazy.

Make a popcicle out of toothpaste and water and give it to your neighbor.

Take pictures of your house. Spin around on a chair for a few seconds then try to draw your house in 30 seconds. No erasers allowed.

To Do Lists

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Random Game Button

Get a camouflage blanket/sheet and take it with you. Follow people (or something like that) and when they turn to look at you put it over your head and act like they cant see you

Go to a crowed place and pretend to yawn a lot. see how many yawns you get in return.

Submit one of your own things to do:

Take a quiz about how much of an idiot you are, and try to fail so that you won't be an idiot.

Tell your friends that you are moving abroad. See how long you can keep it going!

Twenty times I been around that track but its not just gonna happen like that ├žause there aint no holla that girl.


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