Things to Do at School

Stare at a kid in your class that you don't normally talk about when he/ or she looks at you look away and keep doing it until they creeped out.

Act extremely confused on an assignment that is simple as if your class has been reviewing it for weeks.

when in school look up things tho do in school while on computer

If there's a substitute switch your name with your best friend.

Put post it notes all over a kids locker, each giving a reminder to brush your teeth.

Say "yo soy sandi" (In english it means "I am watermelon".

Sharpen a pencil for really long and see if the teacher stops you.

Submit one of your own things to do at school:

Learn Aurebesh (the Star Wars alphabet), and write all your assignments in it! See if the teacher notices.

When ever your teacher leaves the class pretend to be the principal.

Act like the opposite of your normal self.


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