Things to Do at School

Sharpen your pencil until it's as small as it can get.

Act extremely confused on an assignment that is simple as if your class has been reviewing it for weeks.

Act like there is something horrifying outside the window until the teacher finds out :D.

Learn Aurebesh (the Star Wars alphabet), and write all your assignments in it! See if the teacher notices.

Put post it notes all over a kids locker, each giving a reminder to brush your teeth.

To Do Lists

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Random Game Button

Take a empty Mayo jar and fill it with vanilla pudding then see what looks you get! : D

During a test point to someone across the room and insist they're cheating off of you.

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Say "yo soy sandi" (In english it means "I am watermelon".

SayYo no comprendo.yoh no kom-PREN-doh this means I do not understand see if your teacher understands if you want more go to this website list of common Spanish words.Have Fun!

Break our pencil on purpose as many times as you can in Math class until the teacher goes crazy.