Things to Do with "room"

If you live in a house with other people, sit flat on a table in your living room until someone shows up.

In the locker room look at everybody and see how many people look at you.

Go into anyone's room go to their closet and when they're sleeping or something crawl out and slap them and go under their bed...

Label everything in your room and see how long it takes your parents to notice.

When your brother/sister is at a sleepover, cover their ENTIRE room with post-it notes while they're away.

Open your door and yell pulp to the people in the opposite room and shut the door instantly.

Go on the other side of a wall with someone in the room behind the wall, then knock really hard and see if they knock back ;).

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Walk into a room where a family member is sitting, and throw a pillow at them.

Laugh really loud when there's awkward silence in a room full of people.

Before class starts, stand in the front of the room and try to start teaching the class.


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