Things to Do with "reading"

Sit in the middle of a neighborhood street in a lawn chair reading a news paper, if a car comes by wait for it to honk at you then stare at it. (Bonus: pull out a air horn and honk back at it)

Continue reading this till the end.

Wonder why your still sitting here reading these .

Go up to somebody and start reading off a list of terrible puns and see how long it goes for.

Wonder why you are still reading this stupid (yet AWESOME) website.

Continue reading these suggestions.

Just keep reading these it will prevent boredom.

Submit one of your own things to do:

(in public) Act confused and loudly announce that you don't know how to count ( do this while reading an upside-down dictionary.

Do one of the things to do on here instead of just reading them.

Sit here and read this and then wonder why you wasted your time reading this.


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