Things to Do with "watch"

1) Introduce your children as hilarious names. Watch how many people go along with it!

2) Go up to a stranger and talk into your watch - " Suspect 342 found" then run away.

3) Go to a crowded elavator. Put on juju on dat beat. Watch just watch.

4) Make a fort and watch YouTube in it.

5) Rewind a show and watch it backwards.

6) Piss off a feminists (it's fun to watch them rant on and on about nothing.)

7) Sit on your lawn with a doll or skeleton and watch your neighbors intently.

8) Go up to your teacher and tell them "I'm your favorite right watch their reaction"!

9) Wear a crazy hat out in public and watch people's reactions.

10) Attempt to get a drunk/high person to play a game that has a chat in it, and watch what happens in chat while they play.