Just watch this then send it to a friend.

Go to a clothes store (like Macy's) and pretend like you are a model. Watch people's faces!

Cover somebody with a blanket while they're sleeping. Watch the reaction when they wake up.😂

Put A 20 Dollar Bill Up On A Tree And Watch From Afar And See Who Will Try And Get It (Make Sure Its A Tall Tree) :P.

Grease the trees and watch the squirrels slip!

Watch a blank TV screen and invite people to watch the movie with you.

Get 4 gummy bears and make the other 3 watch you eat the other one.

Take 4 pigs paint the numbers 1,2,3, and 5 release them in a store and sit back and watch security look for pig 4.

Binge watch your favorite show from the begining.

Put a blanket on your dog, then watch what they do! :D

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