Things to Do with "watch"

1) Sit down on your but in the middle of the sidewalk and watch people's reactions.

2) Get popcorn, (any type) and watch the all the seasons of your favorite television show on netflix.

3) Put Vaseline on the colored dots of a Twister mat and watch people try to play it.

4) Binge watch any show series on Netflix or Hulu.

5) Put a Peep in the microwave and watch it explode.

6) Get 4 pigs. Spray paint 1, 2, 3, & 5 on their backs. Release them into Walmart and watch them try to find #4.

7) Glue quarters to the floor in the classroom and watch to see how many people try to pick them up LOL.

8) Have a pillow fight with yourself in your bedroom. Watch your mom's reaction when she walks into your room.

9) Point up at the sky(pointing at nothing) in the street, and watch people look.

10) Go to walmart get cloroform a rag and a patato sack and watch the cashiers reaction.