Things to Do with "watch"

Wear a crazy hat out in public and watch people's reactions.

Take 4 pigs paint the numbers 1,2,3, and 5 release them in a store and sit back and watch security look for pig 4.

Microwave Crest toothpaste for a few seconds at a time until it becomes slime and then play with it! It actually works go watch Karina Garcia's video!

Sit next to a window in class and reflect sun light off your watch into the teacher's eyes.

Super glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch from a distance to see if anyone tries to pick it up.

Fill an empty coke bottle with soy sauce and Sprite, stick it in the fridge for someone. Watch what happens, it's hilarious.

Go to a store, and yell out," MY MONKEY IS LOOSE!" Then watch the reactions, they are hilarious

Put a Peep in the microwave and watch it explode.

Draw a horrible picture and give it to someone as a gift and than watch their reaction.

Have someone watch a horror movie and at the same night jump into their room dressed as a clown.

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