Best Things to Do with "town"

After you use a mayo bottle fill it with ice cream and walk around town eating it.

Draw a face on a balloon, then go around town and introduce it to people as your sister or brother.

Run around town having an epic light saber fight with someone.

Pretend to be old and walk around town complaining about young people.

Get a map of your town and throw a dart on it. You have to use any means possible to get there today.

Walk around town and put sticky notes on people that you think has a bad sense of fashion.

Dress Up Like A Nerd And Walk Around Town Challenging People To Light-saber Duels.

Go round town pretending to be Sherlock Holmes solving a murder.

Walk through the streets of your town and quack really loudly at every person who walks past you.

Put up photos of a hamster all over town with a caption have you seen this fish???

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