Things to Do with "town"

1) Run around town and sing,"I hate u, I love u."

2) Walk around town with lipstick all over your mouth and nose.

3) Paint your face up like a cow and go around town oinking at people!

4) Pretend to be old and walk around town complaining about young people.

5) Get a cart from a store get in it and ride around town saying " I'm stupid and I know it" ( it's fun!)😜

6) Take a friend and drive around town and try to find a cool new place.

7) Dress Up Like A Nerd And Walk Around Town Challenging People To Light-saber Duels.

8) Walk around town trying to get people to high five you

9) Draw a face on a balloon, then go around town and introduce it to people as your sister or brother.

10) Put up photos of a hamster all over town with a caption have you seen this fish???