Things to Do with "throw"

1) Fill up water balloons and throw them high. See if you can catch them without them popping

2) Go see a movie and lick gummy bears to make them sticky enough to throw at the projector.

3) Go to your brothers closet hide in there till he comes in then open the door and throw his things at him.

4) In a pool party, throw water balloons at people who is about 1 metre away from you and hiss at them.

5) Go to Wal-Mart and find a mom or dad with a child and throw candy and junk food in the cart and walk away and watch your result from a distance.

6) Find out how hard you would have to throw a peach at a wall for it to explode.

7) Write a note, throw on a sidewalk with lots of people, see who picks it up!

8) Go up too a person and say hi then give there child candy walk away a d see if they throw away the candy.

9) Make a giant water balloon and throw it at someone.

10) Get some water in your hands , sneeze then throw the water on some ones neck.