Best Things to Do with "throw"

Drag a blanket around the house. When a parent comes, throw the blanket on top of yourself and act like a shapeless lump.

In winter put snowballs in your freezer, then in summer throw them at people who are sunbathing.

Pour water in hand, then make a sneeze noise, throw the water on the back of someone.

At winter collect snowballs and keep them in your freezer then when it's summer throw them at people.

Wait until it snows, place a snowball in a freezer and throw it at someone in the summer.

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade, freeze them and throw them at your enemies.

Shake up a soda can, hit it with a hammer 1 time and then throw it on the ground to make a soda bomb.

Walk into a room where a family member is sitting, and throw a pillow at them.

Pour water in your hand, throw at the person in front of you and make a sneezing noise.

Go into a Walmart and throw things (that aren't breakable) on the ground and yell "HULK SMASH!"

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