Things to Do with "think" — Page 2

11) Lie down and think of cheese.

12) Give a homeless person a bag full of food, blankets, pillows, money, bottles of water, anything that you think they will appreciate. DO IT NOW!!!

13) DO NOT think of a purple monkey dish washer for the next five seconds.

14) Sit in the corner, and think about your life.

15) Try not to think about penguins...(it's actually quite hard).

16) Speak gibberish and watch them think you're crazy.

17) Insult your dog in a happy/excited tone of voice. It'll think your being nice!

18) To save you some time, here is what 80% of the ideas are, on this site: 1) do something that will get you arrested, and 2) do something that will make people think you're DUMB, or daft. Pleasant dreams!

19) With a friend, take two symbols(the instrument) and clash it in another friend's ear, and make their ears pop, and when they come back, mute the TV, and talk with no sound, and make them think they lost their hearing and watch them freak out.

20) Just think about life.