Things to Do with "think" — Page 2

11) Try to think of something to submit that's actually original that no one has ever submitted before. It's pretty hard because so many people have submitted stuff on here.

12) Take forever to cross the street while limping to make people think you are crippled. After reaching the other side, walk normally.

13) At a big table shake some dice under it and see what people think your doing.

14) Flip out for no reason and then start laughing so people will think your crazy.

15) Sit in a tree and when people walk by drop mayo on there heads they will think it was the birds.

16) Have you ever wondered if blind people could see their dreams? think about it

17) Don't think of a sparkly monkey.

18) With a friend, take two symbols(the instrument) and clash it in another friend's ear, and make their ears pop, and when they come back, mute the TV, and talk with no sound, and make them think they lost their hearing and watch them freak out.

19) Try not to think about penguins for the next minute. (It's really hard).

20) Dont think about waffles................See you just did :P