Things to Do with "think"

1) Make a stranger think they know you and act shocked that they don't remember you.

2) Try NOT to think of a purple penguin for 30 seconds.

3) Take forever to cross the street while limping to make people think you are crippled. After reaching the other side, walk normally.

4) Dont think about waffles................See you just did :P

5) Think about what you're thinking about.

6) Try and draw a prediction of what you think you'll look like in 5 years time.

7) Take a deep breath in. Think positive thoughts! You are beautiful the way you are.

8) Do a survey on how many people think you're awesome.

9) Sit in a tree and when people walk by drop mayo on there heads they will think it was the birds.

10) Speak gibberish and watch them think you're crazy.