Talk to yourself at the store and people will think your crazy .

Just think about life.

With a friend, take two symbols(the instrument) and clash it in another friend's ear, and make their ears pop, and when they come back, mute the TV, and talk with no sound, and make them think they lost their hearing and watch them freak out. IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!

Take forever to cross the street while limping to make people think you are crippled. After reaching the other side, walk normally.

Go outside and wave at nothing as you watch people think you're retarded.

Go up to a stranger start laughing wildly so they think your crazy.

Dont think about waffles................See you just did :P

Go up to someone and see if you can get them to think they know you from somewhere.

Do you think that this app should be called "Dares"?

Try and draw a prediction of what you think you'll look like in 5 years time.

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