Things to Do with "think"

1) Speak gibberish and watch them think you're crazy.

2) Try not to think of your most favorite song. Good luck 😉

3) If you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, get one. If you can't get one, then think about why you can't get one. If you decide not to think about, you just suck XP. (Sorry, the truth hurts)

4) Do a survey on how many people think you're awesome.

5) Make a stranger think they know you and act shocked that they don't remember you.

6) Just think about life.

7) Give a homeless person a bag full of food, blankets, pillows, money, bottles of water, anything that you think they will appreciate. DO IT NOW!!!

8) Sit and think what you would be doing if you were not bored.

9) Don't think about the fact that people still use mined diamonds even though we can make them in labs.

10) Don't think of a sparkly monkey.