Funny Things to Text — Page 2

11) Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

12) Text your dad "Go in your closet. You'll find a banana."

13) Text a friend: I am jelly.

14) Put your phone on vibrate, tell your friend to spam text you, place your phone under your feet, and enjoy a free foot massage.

15) Go to a phone store with a regular apple and complain you can't text with it.

16) Sit in your house and text people in that household then stair at them while waiting for a reply.

17) Text your friends the word "Carpet". Don't respond to whatever they reply

18) Text your mom "hello birth giver".

19) Text someone saying "this is not a text".

20) Text someone saying that you lost your phone.