Text someone that you know responds quickly and say: "I'll text you when I find my phone!"

Spam your friend's phone and when they respond text them "Oh I didn't know someone actually got these. I don't know how these cell phone du-dads work. Better results: Record yourself saying it in your best grandma voice.

If your best friend has a secret admirer text them "I am your Secret Admirer". (I did it) see their reaction the next day!! 😁😁

Randomly text your best friend and say you need to ask them something super important, but make a long paragraph. When they say what is it, ask if they know where the gingerbread man is

Text your friend, "My battery died so I'm texting you from my pet unicorn's Iphone." See their reaction! :)

Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

Try to text your best friend upside down.

Text your best friend, "How do I text again?"

Do a lyric text prank with a love song to your crush or bff.

Do song lyric pranks on people on text .

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