Funny Things to Text — Page 2

11) Text someone I have a pizza joke, then tell them never mind it is to cheesy.

12) If someone texts you don't reply for 10 minutes, then say, "sorry. I was to busy giving my unicorn a bath.

13) Text your friend the toilet drank your pee.

14) Keep texting your bff 'hello!' and when they text back text 'how dare you text me!'

15) Sit in your house and text people in that household then stair at them while waiting for a reply.

16) Text your friend that you saw them on T.V, when they ask what show say animal planet

17) Text your mom "hello birth giver".

18) Text someone saying "I love you, and always have" in a minute text back saying, "Wrong number".

19) Take your friends phone and text someone you don't know in her contacts.

20) Text someone at 1:00 am in the morning saying "How do make cereal?"