Funny Things to Text

1) Text everyone in your phone at 3 a.m. and ask them how to make macaroni and cheeze.

2) Name all your friend's contacts book/movie characters they know and watch them get confused.

3) In the middle of summer text someone that it's snowing.

4) Text your friends on a group message saying "I think I left my phone at school. I probably lost it."

5) Spam your friend's phone and when they respond text them "Oh I didn't know someone actually got these. I don't know how these cell phone du-dads work. Better results: Record yourself saying it in your best grandma voice.

6) Text everyone in the same room as you (during class) and listen as all their phones go off.

7) Go to your friends house at 2 a.m. Text them that you are hiding in there bathroom.

8) Call your friend and when they answer hang up then text them why did you hang up.

9) Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

10) Find a way to text your crush and try to get her to like you.