Best Things to Do with "text"

Text your best friend, "How do I text again?"

Try to text your best friend upside down.

Do song lyric pranks on people on text .

Do a lyric text prank (if you don't know what that is look it up on YouTube).

27 Not Funny Anti-Jokes

In the middle of summer text someone that it's snowing.

Try to cross your eyes, and then move them in different directions. Once you get it down, take a picture/video of you doing it and then text it to someone with the message, "Is there something wrong with my eyes?"

Make an Ice cream Sunday then proceed to text the ingredients to everyone in your contact list at exactly 7:11 in the morning.

Song text prank your friend.

Terrible Prank Ideas

Keep texting your bff 'hello!' and when they text back text 'how dare you text me!'

Go on your Device and text or play upside down and see what happens

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