Things to Do with "talk"

1) Call someone selling a product (amazon, walmart, target, etc.) and go back and forth between yes and no. When you talk normal, be your inner idiot.

2) Talk to yourself when nobody's talking.

3) When your alone with a stranger, if they talk to you, say "You can see me??"

4) When someone talks to you say "Guess what, IM BATMAN" whenever they talk to you.

5) Lay down on your lawn as people walk by and and talk to your self about the clouds.

6) Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone.

7) Talk to the people talking on the TV and act like your having a conversation.

8) Go to the park, talk in a British accent and convince people that you are British.

9) Call your friend and say that you are busy and will talk to her/him later!

10) With a friend, take two symbols(the instrument) and clash it in another friend's ear, and make their ears pop, and when they come back, mute the TV, and talk with no sound, and make them think they lost their hearing and watch them freak out.