Things to Do with "talk"

1) Go up to somebody with a radio, find a really girly song talk like its metal and head bang.

2) Scream extremely loud everytime someone trys to talk to you. Stare at them when they get annoyed, then when they try to speak again scream even louder.

3) Use a banana as a phone. When someone walks by you talk into the banana and say, "I hid the body, now what?"

4) Put a walkie talkie under your younger brother/sisters bed when they sleep and talk creepy.

5) Get a friend and talk about your dead pet cow while eating a hamburger.

6) Talk to the people talking on the TV and act like your having a conversation.

7) Tell your friends never to talk to you again then, tell them its because your dentist told you to stay away from sweet things.

8) Turn on the TV with your friend and talk to the guy on the screen.

9) Go to a store, buy a banana and talk to it like it is a phone.

10) Strap a wakie talkie to your dog and talk to people.