Things to Do with "stare"

When someone tries to talk to you or a teacher is talking, start coughing like crazy and then, after a while, just stop and stare at them. When they start talking again, start coughing again. And so on.

Go to Walmart, sit in a corner, and stare at anyone that passes by until you can't see them anymore.

Go up to someones window and stare at them like they're crazy.

Make a weird face and just stare at someone and see what they do.

In a elevator hide in the corner and stare at whoever comes in.

Walk into your class in school, look around like your confused and then run up to your teacher like a penguin and stare at her for a long time.

Stand in the rain with your soaking wet hair over your face, and then when people walk by, stare at them until they stop. Take a couple of steps at a time until they freak out and run.

Sit in your front yard and just stare at people as they walk by... Bonus if you are dressed up creepily

Run around a tree then when a car passes by stare at them like a stalker.

Go for a car ride, and stare down the people who pass you.

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