Go to an art museum and stare at a brick wall. Take lots of pictures of it.

While in a parking lot put on the ugliest glasses and stare at people from your car. (TESTED)

Sing horribly until people stare at you and say, " Quit staring at me!" And look at their reaction! 😂

Go for a car ride, and stare down the people who pass you.

Face the opposite way on an esculator and stare at the person before you like they're doing something wrong.

Walk up to someone and stare at them with really wide eyes.

Just stare at someone for an uncomfortably long time. works well in the middle of a conversation.

Get some knives and sharpen them. While doing so, stare at someone and mutter, "Soon, soon".

Convince yourself you have super powers, stare at someone until they do what you are thinking.

Pretend to stare at someone for a while and when they notice and get freak out, pretend like you were staring at something BEHIND them.

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