Best Things to Do with "stand"

Go to walmart, buy a bag of food and hand it to the homeless people who stand by the parking lot.

Dance behind people and when they look back just stand there.

Go to a grocery store and stand next to the frozen section. when someone opens the door start singing " ice ice baby."

Get on a bus, stand in the aisle, and don't hold on to anything. Try not to fall over.

If someone is taking a photo, stand near them so you get in the photo without them noticing.

Make a fort out of blankets and chairs tall enough that you can stand in it.

Sit next to someone. After a few moments, sniff the air and make a disgusted face. Quickly stand up and run away plugging your nose.

In October, wear a creepy Halloween costume and stand by side of a road or sidewalk and pretend to be a decoration. When someone walks by, wave at them. (or chase after them) Get a friend to film their reactions!

Create a wanted poster of yourself and stand next to it.

Glue 20 dollars to the sidewalk and stand behind the bushes watching people TRY to pick it up.

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