Things to Do with "song"

1) Talk to people by saying only Christmas song lyrics.

2) Do song lyric pranks on people on text .

3) Break into song everytime a person is about to speak.

4) Walk into the middle of the busiest shop at the busiest time and sing HUKUNA MATATA.

5) Sing a song as loud as you can so that the neighbors two blocks away can hear you.

6) Burst into song at least 3 times today in front of people.

7) Play a song and then put the earphones in your nostrils, now open you mouth the music will be heard from there!!

8) Start singing a relay annoying song or when people stop singing something you keep on going and see how many people look at you.

9) Write a theme song for yourself.

10) Turn on the radio and do an interpretive dance of the song playing.