Best Things to Do with "song"

Start speaking the lyrics of a song to a friend and see how long it takes for them to figure it out.

Hold up your pet and sing the song from the lion king.

Sing a really bad song in public- when holding a dog.

Start singing a popular song that everyone knows in class and see how many people join in.

Annoy your fellow siblings with a theme song you made up.

Hold your dog high in the air and sing the song from lion king.

Sing the song "do you like waffles" at the top of your lungs at a grocery store and hand everyone who looks at you funny a box of frozen waffles.

Knock on your sisters or brothers door and sing a annoying song until they answer.

Talk to a friend using as many song names in your conversation as possible and still make sense.

Sing a song in the middle of class with a straight face.

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