Things to Do with "song"

Go deep in the Internet and find a new song to listen to.

Start singing a relay annoying song or when people stop singing something you keep on going and see how many people look at you.

Annoy your fellow siblings with a theme song you made up.

Sing a song as loud as you can so that the neighbors two blocks away can hear you.

Make a video of yourself drumming to your favorite music with 2 beef jerky sticks. As the song is going on, proceed to slowly eat them until there is no jerky at the end of the song. Post it on facebook, or any other social media website, and see the reactions.

Turn on the radio and do an interpretive dance of the song playing.

Drive in front of joggers blasting out the song "eye of the tiger".

Dance to your favorite song in the middle of the street and once a car comes point at them and run.

Annoy your siblings with an annoying theme song that they hate.

Play a song and then put the earphones in your nostrils, now open you mouth the music will be heard from there!!

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