Call your friend and put the John cena theme song on.

Sing a song as loud as you can so that the neighbors two blocks away can hear you.

Play the mission impossible theme song really loud in Wal-Mart and run around like a secret agent.

Listen to the song "Take A Hint" until you can memorize it then go preform it with your best friend in the middle of any public area (such as a mall, park, etc.).

Listen to a song while rapidly changing the volume.

Put on your favourite song and dance to it really crazily in front of a window.

When a good song plays at target: do the Harlem Shake, the whip and the nae nae.

Go up to somebody with a radio, find a really girly song talk like its metal and head bang.

See how many people join you in the song the wheels on the bus when you're riding a bus.

Dance to your favorite song on the street.

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