Things to Do with "somebody"

1) Get a spray bottle, fill it with water. pretend to sneeze on somebody and spray them with the water.

2) Go to a fan, test it to see if it makes your voice sound like a robot.Then, call somebody you know(or prank call) and while you are by the fan and say,"Soon, all robots will take over the world." then hang up.

3) Purposely trip in front of somebody and act like your in pain until they help you.

4) Cover an old doll in ketchup, stand by a window, then minutes before somebody is about to pass the street, throw it out and duck :D.

5) Make motor noises while running down a sidewalk and then run into somebody and pretend to crash.

6) Follow somebody at a store and spray whatever they touch with disinfectant.

7) Throw a potatoe at somebody and say why did you steel my potatoe.

8) Every time somebody says, 'uh' or 'um' SCREAM "LITTTT!!!!!!!!"

9) Run up to somebody you don't know and slap them! Run away in slow motion

10) Put two balloons in your butt side of your pants then walk into walmart and fall on your butt by somebody and you pushed me so hard you popped my but.