When somebody is in the bath, get a brush and brush the door into they get out of the bath,check out what happens after.

Get whipped cream and when somebody falls asleep put it in tickle something.

East a piece of delicious food in front of somebody who is on a diet.

Go in front of somebody and stop in front of them if they try to move.

Make motor noises while running down a sidewalk and then run into somebody and pretend to crash.

Put two balloons in your butt side of your pants then walk into walmart and fall on your butt by somebody and you pushed me so hard you popped my but.

Start hugging a tree when somebody walks by.

Text somebody and say "i can't find my phone."see what they say.

Go up to somebody in school and follow them around, whenever they look back fall on the ground and don't move until they turn away!!!!

Poke somebody painfully slowly, this will make things VERY awkward... :)

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