Things to Do with "somebody"

1) Walk up to somebody and do a harry potter spell with a stick, then run away crying.

2) Stare at somebody until they leave the room.

3) East a piece of delicious food in front of somebody who is on a diet.

4) Play tackle football and whenever somebody tackles you pretend you are dead.

5) Write somebody a creepy note hand it to them if they look at you smile and walk away.

6) Find a way to make a parodoxymoron so that somebody gets confused.

7) Throw a potatoe at somebody and say why did you steel my potatoe.

8) When somebody is in the bath, get a brush and brush the door into they get out of the bath,check out what happens after.

9) Put two balloons in your butt side of your pants then walk into walmart and fall on your butt by somebody and you pushed me so hard you popped my but.

10) Start hugging a tree when somebody walks by.