Best Things to Do with "sing"

Walk into the middle of the busiest shop at the busiest time and sing HAKUNA MATATA. (The whole song if you know it, if not just as much as you know.)

Dress up as a banana and then go to Walmart and sit in the banana section and sing "I'm a banana! I'm a banana! I'm a banana!" LOL

Randomly sing hello darkness my old friend in public.

Go outside in really cold (no rain) weather, but with an umbrella in shorts and a t-shirt. Also sing "Let it Go" really loud.

Go in a supermarket dressed as Dora, don't forget to bring a map. And ask a stranger "Where is the shampoo?" Before they can answer, "Wait, we can just follow the magical troll bridge." When you get to it, sing the 'We Did It' song. It's hilarious.

Try to learn how to sing the alphabet backwards. #challenge accepted

When it rains go to your neighbors house and knock on their door. When they answer sing "I set fiiiire to the rain"

Try and make something you always wanted to do, when your done, run in the road with it and sing the national anthem... See how many people stare at you thinking your crazy

Go up to your crush and sing the pokemon theme song.

Try to sing at the top of your lungs befor bed.

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