Best Things to Do with "sing"

Walk into the middle of the busiest shop at the busiest time and sing HUKUNA MATATA.

Hold up your pet and sing the song from the lion king.

Throw ice cubes and sing let it go.

When your sister or brother go in the bathroom knock on the door and sing do you wanna build a snowman.

Swing on the swings and sing "i believe I can fly".

When you are in an airplane and sing I BELIEVE I CAN FLY to the person next to you.

When you are on an airplane sing "I Believe I can Fly".

Breath in helium and sing an opera.

Go up to a person and sing i got the magic inside and then take glitter and throw it up in the air then walk away.

Get the whole class to sing "We are the champions" after a test.

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