Go in a supermarket dressed as Dora, don't forget to bring a map. And ask a stranger "Where is the shampoo?" Before they can answer, "Wait, we can just follow the magical troll bridge." When you get to it, sing the 'We Did It' song. It's hilarious.

When it rains go to your neighbors house and knock on their door. When they answer sing "I set fiiiire to the rain"

When you are in the bathroom, sing let it go from the movie frozen to your hearts content.

Look extremely tired and go to your family and sing the first line of shake it of (I stay up to late, got nothing in my brain).

Walk down the city or street and sing the (song a thousond miles).

Try to learn how to sing the alphabet backwards. #challenge accepted

Make a playlist of your favorite genre of music, sit down and listen to it with headphones and sing along loudly. If anyone tells you to be quiet run away.

Randomly sing hello darkness my old friend in public.

Walk up to your crush and sing I hate you I love you.

Dress up as a banana and then go to Walmart and sit in the banana section and sing "I'm a banana! I'm a banana! I'm a banana!" LOL

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