Things to Do with "sibling"

1) Slap a friend or sibling to the left of you. (If possible)

2) Put your younger sibling in a straitjacket and duck-tape them to a wall.

3) Lock your sibling out the house.

4) If you have a sibling with a separate room, go into their room and get in bed and your sibling should go into your bed. See your parent's reactions.

5) Makes a YouTube account and secretly film a sibling for the videos and then upload them.

6) Put up "lost pet" signs with a picture of your sibling as the pet.

7) Try to run through a wall but make your sibling do it first.

8) Make a your secret admirer note for your sibling and then put it in their locker.

9) Put up a "lost dog" poster with your sibling on it.

10) Walk up behind a sibling when they are on the phone and dance behind them and when they turn around and notice you smile innocently.