Best Things to Do with "sibling"

Lock your sibling out the house.

Put up a "lost dog" poster with your sibling on it.

Walk up behind a sibling when they are on the phone and dance behind them and when they turn around and notice you smile innocently.

Take a sibling or friend's phone case and throw it on the floor to make them think that it has the phone in it but it won't. (Works best infront of your sibling or friend. Also throw sudden and so the back is facing up.☺

Try to run through a wall but make your sibling do it first.

If your sibling is sick and you have to bring home their homework, throw in a couple more "assignments".

Fart in a ziploc bag and give it to your sibling as a present.

Tie your sibling or friend to a chair and see how long it takes them to get out with no help from yo.

Put up "lost pet" signs with a picture of your sibling as the pet.

If you have a sibling with a separate room, go into their room and get in bed and your sibling should go into your bed. See your parent's reactions.

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