Tie your sibling or friend to a chair and see how long it takes them to get out with no help from yo.

Put up a "lost dog" poster with your sibling on it.

If you have a sibling (preferably younger) prank them by switching their clothes to your closet and yours to their closet. Watch the giggles unfold🙃.

Makes a YouTube account and secretly film a sibling for the videos and then upload them.

When your sibling has a sleepover at their house, Fill a pillow with whipped cream. make sure to video tape it.

Get your sibling in trouble!

If you have a sibling with a separate room, go into their room and get in bed and your sibling should go into your bed. See your parent's reactions.


Tell your little sibling that you are secretly a vampire and you will suck their brains out tonight.

Walk up behind a sibling when they are on the phone and dance behind them and when they turn around and notice you smile innocently.

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