Things to Do with "sibling"

1) Take a sibling or friend's phone case and throw it on the floor to make them think that it has the phone in it but it won't. (Works best infront of your sibling or friend. Also throw sudden and so the back is facing up.☺

2) Fart in a ziploc bag and give it to your sibling as a present.

3) Ask your sibling (if you have one) to come help you with something in your room, then barricade the door shut before they can get in.

4) If you have a sibling (preferably younger) prank them by switching their clothes to your closet and yours to their closet. Watch the giggles unfold🙃.

5) Put up a "lost dog" poster with your sibling on it.

6) When your sibling has a sleepover at their house, Fill a pillow with whipped cream. make sure to video tape it.

7) Annoy a sibling or cousin (or just a friend or parent).

8) If you have a sibling with a separate room, go into their room and get in bed and your sibling should go into your bed. See your parent's reactions.

9) Get your sibling in trouble!

10) Draw angry eyebrows on your little sibling or pet.