Best Things to Do with "send"

Make up your own word and send it to a dictionary company.

Research a kid in your class, find out their birthday, shoe size, full name, etc. Send a report about themselves to their address signed "The Aliens".

Bring bouncy balls to class and send them everywhere when the teacher turns her back.

Go to a hospital and send your day making kids feel better and happier. ☺ ☻ ♥ ♥ (hugs too!)

Become the Best Breakfast Stabber Person Ever

Write a story with the ending: "Everybody dies. The end." and send it to publishers.

Try all your emojies. Send them to a friend

Put cheese in a letter and send it to a friend.

"Accidentally" disassemble a pen in school and send the pieces flying across the room using the spring. Pick up pieces. Repeat.

17 Things to Text

Go up to one of your school's cafeteria workers, shake their hand, and send your compliments to the chef.

I dare you to either: 1) eat chocolate and send the box to a friend for a holiday that's coming up or their birthday or...

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