Prank call a pizza place and when you order a pzza ask them to send it to 64...64...64 Zoolane.

Just watch this then send it to a friend.

Make a picture and send it to your house.

Write an essay on hate and send it to your friends.

Get a little Bro or sis and duct tape them to a chair take a picture of them and send it to parents (use a phone that is new or friends phone).

Go into a public place and yell, "MY CHEESE STICK IS COLD!" Or send it to a friend and say, "mY cHEeSe StiCK iS ColD!"

Go up to one of your school's cafeteria workers, shake their hand, and send your compliments to the chef.

Try all your emojies. Send them to a friend

Go to a hospital and send your day making kids feel better and happier. ☺ ☻ ♥ ♥ (hugs too!)

Put cheese in a letter and send it to a friend.

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