Things to Do with "send"

1) Research a kid in your class, find out their birthday, shoe size, full name, etc. Send a report about themselves to their address signed "The Aliens".

2) Bring bouncy balls to class and send them everywhere when the teacher turns her back.

3) I dare you to either: 1) eat chocolate and send the box to a friend for a holiday that's coming up or their birthday or...

4) Go up to one of your school's cafeteria workers, shake their hand, and send your compliments to the chef.

5) Get a little Bro or sis and duct tape them to a chair take a picture of them and send it to parents (use a phone that is new or friends phone).

6) Go into a public place and yell, "MY CHEESE STICK IS COLD!" Or send it to a friend and say, "mY cHEeSe StiCK iS ColD!"

7) Make up your own word and send it to a dictionary company.

8) Go to a hospital and send your day making kids feel better and happier. ☺ ☻ ♥ ♥ (hugs too!)

9) Screenshot your amazon purchase confirmation page and photoshop it to say "thank you for your purchase you impatient asshole", and send to their customer support demanding no less than 36 hour delivery for a case of ammo.

10) Text some thing you wouldn't usually say to someone late at night. Then in the morning when they get it and they ask you why you send that, tell them that you sleep text.