Best Things to Do with "school"

When somebody raises their hand at school high five them or wave back.

When you see the back to school sign in Walmart, take it and put it in the bleach section.

Switch names with someone on the 1st day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out.

Go to school early and write on the white board "(your name), YOU are the chosen one!" Then leave and enter the class normally like everyone else.

Get a friend at school to stare intently at the teacher without laughing.

If in school in a test: if your teacher walks by cover up your test and glare suspiciously at them.

When you're at school look at the cameras either with an evil look or wave at the security guard.

Do a bonfire at the end of the school year and put all your homework in it.

Clean out a mayonnaise bottle and replace it with yogurt. Then, bring it to lunch at school and start eating it.

When you are in school start humming small, then make it louder until everyone is looking at you wierd. -lll

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