Things to Do with "school"

1) Your teacher says pick a partner at school and you look at your friend like a fat, weird pug.

2) Purchase caution tape and make the front of your school into a crime scene :).

3) Spend the day in your PJ's even if you are going to school or work.

4) In school after the bell rings dance and run away from the class.

5) In school go up to a stranger and poke them then yell "YOUR A POKÉMAN!"

6) In school walk behind someone when they turn around fall on the ground and stay there till they leave :).

7) At your school or workplace, pretend to be a dinosaur. Stomp around and roar at friends.

8) Pretend your riding a roller coaster in the middle of a school test.

9) Switch names with someone on the 1st day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out.

10) If parents are being shown around the school by the principal, get up, introduce yourself and start explaining about the slave labor.