Go to school dressed in overalls and yellow face paint. When it's lunch time, start singing the "BA BA BA BA BANANA" song from the minions.

Pretend your riding a roller coaster in the middle of a school test.

If in school in a test: if your teacher walks by cover up your test and glare suspiciously at them.

I'm in school listening to music and I really should be working, but I'm to much of a procrastinator. Can anybody relate? that might be rhetoric, but I wouldn't know because I'm not learning anything.

At school on a casual clothes day bring a spare set of clothes and change in the middle of the day (Bonus: Swap clothes with a friend).

When you in school start to fall a sleep in your class and wait until you get woke up and say dont wake me uppppp!!!!??

Fill your lunchbox with candy and at school start handing it out.

Wonder why this site isn't blocked from the school internet.

For your next school report, do a research on the Illuminati.

When your school restroom is empty, spill water all over the floor and leave notebook wet on the floor with 'tom riddle's diary written inside.

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