Best Things to Do with "room"

Hide Bluetooth speakers in someone's room and play nyan cat 100 hours. See how long it takes them to flip out.

Every day you visit your friend's house, move the furniture in one room to the left/right about one inch at a time. See how long it takes your friend to notice.

If you have the type of light switches where you can change how bright they are, make them darker as slow as you can while people are in the room and see if they notice. XD

Laugh really loud when there's awkward silence in a room full of people.

Try to turn off / on the light switch from across the room by throwing things.

While in a room with a bunch of people, yell "TRUMPS COMING!" it's a new challenge and it's hilarious!

Open your door and yell pulp to the people in the opposite room and shut the door instantly.

Walk into a room where a family member is sitting, and throw a pillow at them.

When your at a sleepover, the first person that goes to sleep, put them in another room (better in the tub).

Go into anyone's room go to their closet and when they're sleeping or something crawl out and slap them and go under their bed...

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