If you have a sibling, go to their room and take some thing they love and hide it .(toy,blanket, etc.)

Prank time: when you go to your friends house, go in their room and grab a pillow while they use the bathroom. Then they look in their room and you whack them!

Get really excited and happy and hyper for nothing, for 5 minutes, then leave the room like nothing.

Go To Your Friends house, Put Flour On The Fan And Turn On The Fan When They Walk In The Room :).

Open your door and yell pulp to the people in the opposite room and shut the door instantly.

Go through your room and find something from when you were little.

Spray your brothers room with perfume.

Curl up in a ball in the corner of a room and see if anyone sees you.

Try to find a secret room that you have never seen and wear some mighty clothes for your search of the secret room!

Laugh really loud when there's awkward silence in a room full of people.

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