Things to Do with "room"

1) Rearrange everything in someone else's room while they are away.

2) Sneak into you sibling's room and see if he or she notices.

3) When your at a sleepover, the first person that goes to sleep, put them in another room (better in the tub).

4) Watch T.V. in your room or play on the computer

5) While in a room with a bunch of people, yell "TRUMPS COMING!" it's a new challenge and it's hilarious!

6) At night sneak into your parents room and push them off the bed.

7) Make a blanket fortress in your room to hide from the evil llamas in your closet.

8) Take a picture of your friends crush (body sized) then put it on their room and see what happens.

9) Ware a superman costume under a uniform or something, then in a room rip your uniform off and zoom out.

10) Try to turn off / on the light switch from across the room by throwing things.