Best Things to Do with "pretend"

Whenever someone knocks on a door and you're on the inside, knock back at them. If the door has a window, pretend not to notice them.

When someone wakes up from a nap pretend it is the future.

Get a spray bottle, fill it with water. pretend to sneeze on somebody and spray them with the water.

When someone makes physical contact with you, pretend to trip and fall to the ground and see how they react.

If anyone turns the lights out, fall to the ground and pretend you're dead before they come back on.

Bounce up to someone acting super hyper then shove a chocolate chip in your mouth and yell "i'M TIRED" and pretend to fall asleep curled around their feet.

You and your best friend probably know almost, if not absolutely, everything about each other, right? Then why not try and pretend to be each other for a day? Have fun!

When you answer the phone, pretend to be a pizza store.

Wrap yourself up in a blanket and pretend to be a caterpillar.

Go to a clothes store, go in the front window and pretend to be a manikin.

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