Things to Do with "pretend"

1) Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone.

2) Hide in the bushes in futuristic clothes and pretend to fall out in front of someone.

3) Give out free hugs and pretend to blow your nose on everyone you hug.

4) When someone wakes up from a nap pretend it is the future.

5) Go to a mattress store and pretend to be asleep on a mattress.

6) Pretend to be your favourite character from a book or movie or you could pretend to be a celebrity. See if anyone notices.

7) At a play kitchen pretend to touch the stove and pretend it is super hot and panic several times.

8) Go to a clothes store, pretend like you're a mannequin, and whenever someone walks by, follow them with your eyes.

9) Go to the public bathroom,tell someone to pretend to fart loud,until someone gets annoyed.

10) Pretend to stare at someone for a while and when they notice and get freak out, pretend like you were staring at something BEHIND them.