On the bus, sit next to your imaginary friend, Mr.Ravioli, and pretend he is real!

Cup your hands over your mouth, then pretend to throw up and throw yellow jello at someone in public.

Go to a mall and start running and pretend to fall, if any one looks just slowly slide away.

Wet your hand and pretend to sneeze at someone. At the exact moment flick your wet hand at them

Ring Someones doorbell and when they answer, pretend you cant' see them and start to get frustrated.

Carry a bunch of small boxes. Walk down a hallway, and pretend to trip when someone is nearby. Don't get up until they go away.

When someone looks at you, fall to the ground and pretend to die.

Get an ice cream cone and pretend you're a unicorn 😜.

Go in the swimming pool and pretend you are arguing with the water that its too cold.

Go behind someone and spray a water gun on the back of their neck and pretend to sneeze.

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