Best Things to Do with "prank"

Sleep prank someone.

1. Help others in need....................... 2. Prank your siblings................................ 3. Name and make everything in your fridge, and when someone uses one of the things in the fridge, cry and complain about how he's dying. (ex) "Mom, your killing Henry! He has less milk." NOTE: PUT HAIRSTYLES AND EYES, AND CLOTHES ON THEM. DO EGGS TOO.

Do a lyric text prank (if you don't know what that is look it up on YouTube).

Go to and prank your friends into thinking they have a twin.

Song text prank your friend.

Go to 5 below and get snappy gum and prank people with it (take the foam of and they will freak out).

If you have a sibling (preferably younger) prank them by switching their clothes to your closet and yours to their closet. Watch the giggles unfold🙃.

Do a lyric text prank with a love song to your crush or bff.

What to do when your Bored? You can watch a movie, go outside if you can, try a new hairstyle, cook something, go shopping,go swimming, prank someone, renew clothes, watch YouTube videos, try your roasting skills!, and have fun!!😜

If you have an air Horn prank your family with it.

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