Funny Prank Ideas

1) Go outside to a public place and start to sing feel good songs, see how people react.

2) Fill sour cream jar with white icing then go into public, eat it; how many people look at you weird.

3) Text the last person you called: I hid the body? Who's next?

4) Get onto a crowded elevator and face that wall. See how many weird looks you get.

5) When there is nobody on the elevator put a sign up saying out of order see what happens.

6) Order food for your neighbour and see if they pay for it.

7) Put nutella on your fingers and go into a stall at a public bathroom then ask the person next to you for toilet paper and wipe it on them.

8) Go to a crowded place and yell at a tree your shadow or something else that doesnt talk and say "why are you ignoring me".

9) In a public bathroom make farting noises.

10) Give someone a fake number and say "call me.".