Do a Prank that Donald Trump is calling you go to Google play and download Donald Trump phone prank.

Do a lyric text prank (if you don't know what that is look it up on YouTube).

Go on Youtube and search "Maxmoefoe" then search for his prank calls. You'll be entertained for weeks.

Get you friends phone number (If you don't know it) from someone else and prank call them. (Make sure that your not already a contact in their phone)

Use to prank call your friends using different voices. IT'S AMAZING. Thank me later!

Go to a public bathroom, set up a plastic wrap prank and tell people to use that stall. Then run away and scream like a fat demented dying goat.

Go to 5 below and get snappy gum and prank people with it (take the foam of and they will freak out).

Go prank call someone.

If you have a sibling (preferably younger) prank them by switching their clothes to your closet and yours to their closet. Watch the giggles unfold🙃.

Do a lyric text prank with a love song to your crush or bff.

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