Things to Do with "point"

1) Buy a kitten and a laser point pen. You know what to do.

2) Pull over on the side of the road, and point a hair dryer on the road, and see if people slow down.

3) At a dog shelter, bring a speaker and then release all the dogs. Then play 'WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!!!!' Point at someone and said that they did it.

4) Throw a potato at your teacher and point to someone you hate when she/he turns around.

5) Get a hair drier and point it at the cars that pass by see how many slow down.

6) Go to a mall or grocery store with your friends and have one friend with a laser pointer. You act normal shopping then go nuts when he point the laser and follow it wherever it goes

7) Dress up as Dora the explorer and point at people saying swiper no stealing.

8) Go to the middle of the mall and point at the ceiling.

9) Get in the car and when a car passes by point a hair dryer at them and see if they slow down.

10) Go into the middle of the high street and point up in the air and see how many people look up .