Loudly shout "Giant flying sheep." everytime you see clouds.If someone stares at you, stand there and point at the clouds.

Sit out in front of your house and point a blow drier at the cars that drive by, watch what happens.

Dance as crazy as possible to the point it looks like you either have a seizure or being possessed.

Pull over on the side of the road, and point a hair dryer on the road, and see if people slow down.

Buy a kitten and a laser point pen. You know what to do.

At a dog shelter, bring a speaker and then release all the dogs. Then play 'WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!!!!' Point at someone and said that they did it.

Sit in a lawn chair in a cop costume on a street corner with a hair dryer when a car comes by point it at them.

Go outside and the first person you see, stare and point at them and see how long it take them to notice you.

Go up to a building, look up, and point and see how many people look up.

Go into a store and make a huge scene. Then when everyone is looking at you point somewhere and be like "Look it's a cow!" Then hide behind something.

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