Best Things to Do with "point"

When someone asks if you have a bathroom, put a bucket in your front yard and point to it.

Go up to a building, look up, and point and see how many people look up.

Walk down the sidewalk looking back and forth quickly, if you see someone, gasp, point at them, and run away.

Buy a kitten and a laser point pen. You know what to do.

18 Things to Google

Go into the middle of the high street and point up in the air and see how many people look up .

Get a hair drier and point it at the cars that pass by see how many slow down.

Get a hair dryer go out on the street and point it at passing cars,see how many slow down.

Sit in your parked car with shades on and point a hair dryer at passing cars.

16 Really Weird Things to Do

Sit in a lawn chair in a cop costume on a street corner with a hair dryer when a car comes by point it at them.

Watch a cartoon and point out all the flaws in it.

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