Things to Do with "point"

Go up to a building, look up, and point and see how many people look up.

Watch a cartoon and point out all the flaws in it.

Buy a kitten and a laser point pen. You know what to do.

Sit in a lawn chair in a cop costume on a street corner with a hair dryer when a car comes by point it at them.

Get in the car and when a car passes by point a hair dryer at them and see if they slow down.

Get a hair drier and point it at the cars that pass by see how many slow down.

Sit in your car and point a hair dryer at people.

Pick up a dog/cat so it can see things from your point of view.

Lock yourself in a car and when someone tries talking to you, mouth out words and point at your ears pretending you can't hear them.

Dance to your favorite song in the middle of the street and once a car comes point at them and run.

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