Things to Do with "pizza"

1) Eat your pizza cheese-side down!

2) When someone calls you, put on a posh accent and say 'Joe's Pizza Parlour, how can I help?'

3) I'm sad. I was told by an English girl...that one American family, took her to a "Chuck E. Cheese 's" pizza shop "impress" her.

4) Call Domino's pizza and say "Hey, whats the number for Pizza hut?" and record the conversation.

5) Ask Dominoes Pizza for Pizza Huts phone number.

6) Order a massive dominoes pizza with only anchovies, no sauce or cheese, just a base with only anchovies on at 2:30 am.

7) Go to Pizza Hut. Eat a pizza made at domino

8) Eat an entire pizza all by yourself!

9) List your phone number on Facebook as the pizza place's phone number.

10) Order a meatlovers pizza with no meat.