Have a group of people over and tape pillows to your chest and butt and run around running into each other.

Make a huge hill of pillows then jump into them like your sky diving.

Make a fort out of pillows and blankets and when you see a sibling or animal pretend they are zombies and you have to hide from them.

Get all your pillows and cushions in a corner and place them properly to make a chair. (optional step: Put a blanket over it so it doesn't fall off), then slip out another blanket and cuddle yourself in it and make yourself comfortable on your homemade chair. Then go through this website to find

Tape pillows all over you and have a sumo match.

Make a cave out of pillows and blankets.

Find a table. Get some blankets and pillows, cover with the blankets and put the pillows under the table. Try sleeping under the table for the night

Put pillows or blankets in your shirt and sumo wrestle.

Bury yourself in pillows and pretend you are the pillow king.

Get all of your friends together, have them bring a ton of blankets and pillows etc, and build a huge pillow fort throughout your entire house!

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