Things to Do with "pick"

Get a potato,draw a face on it,and throw it at someone. Then pick it back up and scold it like a pet.

Get a cup of water at a restaurant and put a card on top of it and flip it over quickly and wait for someone to pick it up. Leave fast after you do so.

Stick a dollar on the floor and watch people pass by trying to pick it up.

Tie a piece of string to a 20 dollar bill and leave it on the floor and pull when someone tries to pick it up.

Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch people attempt to pick it up.

Super glue a coin to the ground, when someone bends down to pick it up, rip a piece of old fabric to make them thing they ripped their pants. Enjoy

Walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. Then start talking to it.

Glue a penny to the sidewalk/street & see if anyone tires to pick it up.

Put a dollar on the street next to a bush. Hide behind the bush where no one can see you, and make sure you have an airhorn or something loud. When someone finds the dollar and is about to pick it up, quickly jump out and use the airhorn. See how they react.

Go to a big store, pick one person, and follow them until they notice you. When they ask you what you are doing, yell: ITS THE FBI! Then dance and walk away like nothing happened.

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