Go into a crowded area and put down a Dora doll. when someone goes to pick it up scream SWIPER NO SWIPING!

Glue coins to the ground and laugh as people try to pick them up.

Get a cup of water at a restaurant and put a card on top of it and flip it over quickly and wait for someone to pick it up. Leave fast after you do so.

Stick fifty cent coins to the ground and count the number of people who try to pick them up.

Call your best friend(Punch in *67 first, so they don't recognize your number) and when they pick up, say in a really creepy voice-"I'm close..." then hang up. About ten minutes later, call them again, and this time say-"I'm closer..." Then, about ten minutes LATER

Super glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch from a distance to see if anyone tries to pick it up.

Glue 20 dollars to the sidewalk and stand behind the bushes watching people TRY to pick it up.

Stick a dollar on the floor and watch people pass by trying to pick it up.

Hide in a clothes rack in a store and when someone comes browsing through pop out and say PICK ME!

Glue a dollar to the ground when people try to pick it up kick them over.

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