Things to Do with "phone"

1) Tape phone or other chargers, or plugs to you and scream I GOT THE POWA!!!

2) Walk up behind a sibling when they are on the phone and dance behind them and when they turn around and notice you smile innocently.

3) Go to a crowded place, get out your phone and when someone walks buy, act like your face timing or snapchatting.

4) Sneak up behind people, sniff them, look at them suspiciously, pull out your phone and pretend like you're having a conversation and say " boss, we got one. " then run away.

5) Get you friends phone number (If you don't know it) from someone else and prank call them. (Make sure that your not already a contact in their phone)

6) Switch the contacts on your friend's phone of his/her crush and best friend.

7) When someone is not looking grab their phone and hold down the picture button and take endless pics.

8) Turn your phone to airplane mode. Then toss your phone and complain that it's not flying.

9) Find someone with a black phone and make them forget it, use a black wallet, get the phone, put the wallet on the phone covering it and either fake drop it or act like your mad and throw the wallet across the room.

10) Make a talk show on your phone the only thing better then that is watching it 4 years after you made it.