Things to Do with "phone"

1) Turn your phone to airplane mode. Then toss your phone and complain that it's not flying.

2) Wait untill someone calls you and when you answer the phone say "I know why you called....... and answer your question she's gone." pretending to be really sad.

3) Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

4) Must be YOUR idea, with correct spelling and grammar, please. No personal info or phone numbers.

5) Call your home phone when you are in your house and wait till someone picks it up. Then talk in a foreign accent and tell them to call the police.

6) Get your friends phone and change all their contacts names to Star Wars/ Something Funny.

7) Change all of the auto correct on a friend's computer or phone to correct everything they type to something else.

8) Call your grandparents on the phone and tell them that one of your family members has a disease.

9) Answer the phone and right away ask "how much do you need" in a sketchy voice.

10) Change all contact names on you friends phone to Harry Potter names.