Best Things to Do with "phone"

Text your mom "I left my phone at the house."

In an elevator full of people, have a conversation on the phone about where to leave the dead body.

Go around the store talking in a banana as if it's a phone and see how much people look.

Answer the phone and right away ask "how much do you need" in a sketchy voice.

18 Things to Google

Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone.

Put up a lost pet poster with a pink llama and the phone number is for a psychiatrist.

Buy an Apple phone and complain there is a bite taken out of the apple.

When someone is not looking grab their phone and hold down the picture button and take endless pics.

15 Socially Awkward Things to Do Today

Have a funeral when your phone dies.

Get an Apple. bite a chunk of it. go to the apple phone store. put the bit apple in front of the worker and complain someone bit your phone.

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