Go to the Apple Store with an apple and say,"My phone doesn't work,can you fix it?

Tape phone or other chargers, or plugs to you and scream I GOT THE POWA!!!

Find a really weird, noisy video on YouTube. Put your phone in your pocket, playing the video, put on a skin suit, and run around the street.

Use an iPhone case as a phone. Show someone an 'image' on it.

In an elevator full of people, have a conversation on the phone about where to leave the dead body.

Take a sibling or friend's phone case and throw it on the floor to make them think that it has the phone in it but it won't. (Works best infront of your sibling or friend. Also throw sudden and so the back is facing up.☺

Do a Prank that Donald Trump is calling you go to Google play and download Donald Trump phone prank.

Secretly get your crush's phone number and tell them you like them. ( don't tell them your name tho)

Must be YOUR idea, with correct spelling and grammar, please. No personal info or phone numbers.

Start talking on your calculator as if it was a cell phone in math class.

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