Hire someone to come to your school and stand outside your classroom during a test. When it's quiet, have them shout 'SHAAAAAUN!"

Go outside , get a sprinkler and spray the cars that drive by.

Stand outside a elevator door with rope and duck tape with a evil smirk.

Go outside and roll down the sidewalk until you hit a person and ask them where you are. When they respond, roll back in the direction you came.

Go outside and scream at the sky.

Go outside and wave at nothing as you watch people think you're retarded.

Go outside and try to find these items : Pinecone , Twig , Red Leaf , Orange Leaf, and a yellow leaf.

Go outside and start screaming the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Next time you go outside bark at your neighbors dog.

When it's raining go outside a in a jogging type of outfit, and jog around like its a nice day.

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