Best Things to Do with "outside"

Go outside and complain about nature.

Wear a jacket in the middle of summer and go outside pretending to shiver.

Go outside when its raining with shampoo and pretend to be taking a shower (sing).

Put on a horse mask,and wait outside the bathroom while your friend is in there.

Play music really loud outside and start singing like a dying cat.

Have a long conversation with a sign outside a shop and see how people react.

Go outside to a busy street and crazy dance. See how many weird looks you get.

Go outside on a windy day and sing very loudly "THE WIND IS HOWLING LIKE THE SWIRLING STORM INSIDE!" then walk away like nothing happened..

Go outside (if its a cloudy day) and just look at the clouds (with your friend/or yourself) and see if they look like anything. ☁☁

Go outside and have arguments with yourself when people walk by.

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