Things to Do with "outside"

1) Buy a T.V and remote as same as your neighbors and go outside changing the channels.

2) Run outside when the mail main comes and act like a dog by trying to bark at him.

3) Start a conga line with everyone outside and try to get people to join.

4) Next time you go outside bark at your neighbors dog.

5) Go outside and roll down the sidewalk until you hit a person and ask them where you are. When they respond, roll back in the direction you came.

6) Stand outside a elevator door with rope and duck tape with a evil smirk.

7) Put on green clothes and act like a plant outside in your front lawn.

8) Play "I can dream about you" at full volume outside a neighbor's house at 4:20 in the morning! 😂🤣😂🚬

9) Take a friend outside and say that you have to tell them something serious then smash a cupcake in their face. I did it it was priceless.

10) If its raining, go outside and run or walk.