Things to Do with "outside"

1) Stand outside a elevator door with rope and duck tape with a evil smirk.

2) Go outside , get a sprinkler and spray the cars that drive by.

3) Run outside and shout "I'm a flying potato chip you should fear me"! Over and over again

4) Go outside and make someone happy. 🙂

5) Run outside and scream 'THEIR COMING!!!!!!'

6) Hire someone to come to your school and stand outside your classroom during a test. When it's quiet, have them shout 'SHAAAAAUN!"

7) Stand outside and act normal. Untill a car comes by, then go completely nuts and shout weird things. This is really fun to do with friends.

8) If its raining, go outside and run or walk.

9) Go outside and try to find these items : Pinecone , Twig , Red Leaf , Orange Leaf, and a yellow leaf.

10) Wear a jacket in the middle of summer and go outside pretending to shiver.