Things to Do with "open"

1) Shake a soda and give it to your friend when they open it the soda will explode.

2) Stand in an open window and play an annoyingly loud instrument (accordion works well) and play as people walk by, duck when they look!

3) Cut open a big cardboard box so it's flat, go outside and put it near the sidewalk, do sick dance moves on it while beat boxing your own music.

4) On a folded paper write DO NOT OPEN on front READ BACK inside and IDIOT on back, tape to something.

5) Stick your head out the window of your car and bark at an open window.

6) Go to a friends house. When they open the door act like a super agent and investigate them.

7) Laugh with your mouth open and try not to move your lips when doing so.

8) Ring someones doorbell and when they open it pretend they're the one who rang the doorbell.

9) Gather, chairs, couches, boxes, etc. in an open space. Drape blankets over them and make the awesomest fort ever.

10) If someone is watching you right now, open a new tab and type in "How to kill the person behind me".