Best Things to Do with "open"

When someone knocks on your door open the door and act like they are not there and look around for someone and then close the door.

Cut open glow sticks and dump them into bubble solution to make glow in the dark bubbles.

Draw faces on the eggs in the fridge and then watch your mum open the egg carton.

If someone is watching you right now, open a new tab and type in "How to kill the person behind me".

16 Really Weird Things to Do

Get some glad wrap and cover an open door and wait for someone to walk into it.

Go to a store with automatic doors and act like you are using the force to open them.

Go in a elevator and wait for the door to open and when it Does yell and make a scary face.

Shake a soda and give it to your friend when they open it the soda will explode.

21 Things to Do While You're Not Wearing Pants

Take as many apples or other fruits as you can find, put stamps and your neighbors addresses on them, put them in you mail box, and then spy on your neighbors when they open their mail boxes.

Have a friend sleep over. Wake up before your friend, put your face really close to theirs, open your eyes really widely, until they wake up.

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