Cut open glow sticks and dump them into bubble solution to make glow in the dark bubbles.

Get some glad wrap and cover an open door and wait for someone to walk into it.

Ring someones doorbell and when they open it pretend they're the one who rang the doorbell.

Laugh with your mouth open and try not to move your lips when doing so.

See how long you can keep your eyes open without blinking.

When someone knocks on your door, open it then half a second later, close it, then walk away...

Hide in a cabinet in Ikea, and slam the doors closed every time someone tries to open it.

Stick your head out the window of your car and bark at an open window.

Have a friend sleep over. Wake up before your friend, put your face really close to theirs, open your eyes really widely, until they wake up.

Go in an elevator and then make peek-a-boo sounds when the doors open and close.

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