Sit in the middle of a room in everybody's way and don't move and don't look at anyone.

In the middle of a conversation just walk away.

Scream blah blah blah in the middle of school or work.

Go buy a watermelon and a few hundred rubber bands, attach all of them onto the middle of the watermelon until it explodes.

Dance to your favorite song in the middle of the street and once a car comes point at them and run.

Pretend to fall dead in the middle of the library, and when someone walks up to you grab their leg and tell "BRAINS"!

Go to Walmart and make a wall out of cereal boxes in the middle of the aisle.

Text a friend in the middle of the night "coming over now be there in 5 minutes" then wait for a response.

Make a squirrel out of duct tape, put it in the middle of the road and see if people drive around it.

Talk to yourself in the middle of a park see how many strange looks you get.

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