Best Things to Do with "middle"

Walk into the middle of the busiest shop at the busiest time and sing HUKUNA MATATA.

In the middle of a serious conversation, announce what color your toothbrush is.

Just stare at someone for an uncomfortably long time. works well in the middle of a conversation.

Send out Christmas cards in the middle of the summer.

Go into the middle of the high street and point up in the air and see how many people look up .

Make a squirrel out of duct tape, put it in the middle of the road and see if people drive around it.

Sit in the middle of an elevator and meditate, don't move and ignore the people staring at you.

Text a friend in the middle of the night "coming over now be there in 5 minutes" then wait for a response.

Knock on your siblings' door in the middle of summer and ask them if they want to build a snowman.

Go to Walmart and make a wall out of cereal boxes in the middle of the aisle.

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