Things to Do with "middle"

1) Wear a jacket in the middle of summer and go outside pretending to shiver.

2) Sit down on your but in the middle of the sidewalk and watch people's reactions.

3) In the middle of a conversation just walk away.

4) Pretend your riding a roller coaster in the middle of a school test.

5) Dance in the middle of Walmart to your favorite song! :D

6) In the middle of class (make sure their ringer is on) tell them unicorn tacos are ruling the world.

7) Stand the middle of class and do the macarena.

8) Try to sell homemade lemonade (which is sooo cold) in the middle of winter and see how many people buy it .by the way my record is 49.

9) Scream blah blah blah in the middle of school or work.

10) Sit in the middle of a pentacle on a busy sidewalk, when people look at you (they will look at you) speak gibberish quietly and death eye them.