Things to Do with "middle"

1) Wear a Santa hat in the middle of June.

2) In the middle of spring go trick or treating (or any time of the year).

3) Go into the middle of a store put down a banana peel, hide and see how long it takes someone to slip and fall.

4) Put a litter box in the middle of a park, dress up like a cat, sit in the litter box, and read a newspaper. See how many people look at you awkwardly.

5) Go to the movies, stand while in the middle of the movie, dance tango with a friend and then run before they catch you.

6) In the middle of summer text someone that it's snowing.

7) Make a sandwich in the middle of the night and put it on your sleeping siblings face.

8) Wear a jacket in the middle of summer and go outside pretending to shiver.

9) Calmly have a nervous breakdown in the middle of Walmart. see how many people watch.

10) Just stare at someone for an uncomfortably long time. works well in the middle of a conversation.