Best Things to Do with "mcdonalds"

Walk into mcdonalds in a chicken costume,point at the cashier and yell "YOU KILLED DAVID".

Draw a really bad drawing of a fish and write missing. Go in McDonalds crying and give the cashier the paper. Its hilarious -CC

Go to a McDonalds and ask "How many cheese burgers will it take to get McDiabetes".

Wear a spider-man mask and a top hat and pull thru the McDonalds drive thru.

Go to Mcdonalds and order a krabby patty and look at their reactions.

Go to Mcdonalds and order everything from the menu then cancel it when you get to the next window.

Go to McDonalds and order something then pay for it in 1 cent coins.

Sit in the McDonalds play room at the highest point and just sit there staring at every one.

Go to Mcdonalds and try to take their trays.

Do a flip on somebody's table at mcdonalds and hit them in the nuts with a bat.

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