Best Things to Do with "little"

Imagine at night the earth was covered with a blanket. and the stars where little tiny holes in it

Get lots of glitter and if someone walks by throw a little glitter on them.

Go to the playground and pretend to be a little kid.

Stare at someone...stare a little more... they'll notice something, eventually...

Draw a little smiley face on a paper and talk to it in front of people...

Go to a place with a lot of people (like a mall) and start singing the Little Einsteins Theme song, see how many people are going to sing with you.

Play dress up with your little brother. Put a dress on him then take a photo...superglue it into the family album.

Make up a holiday...then go buy a ton of candy and throw it at every little kid you see.

Draw angry eyebrows on your little sibling or pet.

Start singing I'm a little teapot and see how many people you can get to sing with you.

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