Draw a little smiley face on a paper and talk to it in front of people...

Listen to 'Shout Out to My Ex' by Little Mix.

Hide in a box and leave it a little bit OPEN then when someone comes jump out! (IT'LL BE SO FUNNY)

Go to Wendy´s and scream ¨Mary had a little lamb¨ as loud as possible while ordering.

Play dress up with your little brother. Put a dress on him then take a photo...superglue it into the family album.

Stare at someone...stare a little more... they'll notice something, eventually...

Tell your little sibling that you are secretly a vampire and you will suck their brains out tonight.

Go up to someone and shout at them with a Russian accent, "You have body of slim boy with even little to no butt."

Listen to little Einsteins to annoy your siblings.

Pray for a little boy named Daniel David. Please?

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