Things to Do with "little"

1) Tell your little sibling that you are secretly a vampire and you will suck their brains out tonight.

2) Walk up to a little kid and say 'Kiss your Mommy and Daddy good bye, for God has sent me to kill you' in a creepy voice.

3) Get a little Bro or sis and duct tape them to a chair take a picture of them and send it to parents (use a phone that is new or friends phone).

4) Pray for a little boy named Daniel David. Please?

5) Tell your dad you lost your identity and you dress up in a chicken little costume and do it everyday.

6) Draw angry eyebrows on your little sibling or pet.

7) Go to the playground and pretend to be a little kid.

8) Draw a little smiley face on a paper and talk to it in front of people...

9) Hide in a box and leave it a little bit OPEN then when someone comes jump out! (IT'LL BE SO FUNNY)

10) Go up to someone and shout at them with a Russian accent, "You have body of slim boy with even little to no butt."