Read this list of things to do.

Make an Ice cream Sunday then proceed to text the ingredients to everyone in your contact list at exactly 7:11 in the morning.

Make a bucket list to discover new things when you're bored again.

Make a list of 30 things to do before 30.

Make a list of all the fashion trends you hate for the opposite gender.e.g. man buns

Go to Walmart with a list of 10 items to find. Make 2 teams and see who can get back to the entrance first. Make them show the receipt to prove it.

Literally do the next thing on this list even though it is that stupid...

Make a playlist of your favorite genre of music, sit down and listen to it with headphones and sing along loudly. If anyone tells you to be quiet run away.

Put up a flyer for a party for your block to be hosted at your neighbors and list things for people to bring.

Do the next thing on this list no matter how stupid it is.

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