Best Things to Do with "join"

Look at the floor curiously and really stare at it to see if people join in.

Sit on a bus, then stomp twice and clap. Everyone else will join in. This only works in America.

When you see people hug, join in.

Start singing a popular song that everyone knows in class and see how many people join in.

Walk up to a group of talking strangers and join their conversation casually.

Go to a busy street and put on the music to YMCA and start doing it, see how nanny people join in.

Stare at the sky and see how many people join you.

See how many people join you in the song the wheels on the bus when you're riding a bus.

Do the hokey pokey in the public bathroom. See how many people stare at you and try to get others to join in.

Walk up to someone in a crowd and sign happy birthday, wait and see how many people join in.

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