Best Things to Do with "hold"

Sit in a public area and pretend to read a book, but hold the book upside down and see how many people notice.

Get on a bus, stand in the aisle, and don't hold on to anything. Try not to fall over.

Pretend you smell something gross, then see how many people hold their nose.

When someone is not looking grab their phone and hold down the picture button and take endless pics.

16 Really Weird Things to Do

Go into a stall and sing "LET IT BLOW LET IT BLOW I CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE LET IT BLOW LET IT BLOW" then drop a pineapple in the toilet...

Have someone hold something for you and walk away. if they try to give it back to you object.

Try hold a light switch in the middle.

Bring a mat (and friends) and attempt to hold yoga class in an elevator, a store, or the mall-.

Waste Time on This Page

Go to the mall and hold up a "FREE HUGS" sign .

Make someone hold a cup of water to the ceiling with a broom then walk away.

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