Best Things to Do with "hang"

Go hang out with your friends.

Make lost pet signs for your python / cobra and hang them around your neighborhood.

Find the creepiest pic you can find on the internet print it out and hang it up all over town and write MISSING at the bottom.

Draw posters of yourself and hang them up in siblings room.

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Search up "Lost Doge," print a flyer and hang them up all over town.

Make up an imaginary friend and hang out with him or her for as long as you want an when people stare induce them to you imaginary friend JUST DO IT!👍🏼

Go to a website and hang out there for a while.

Fill a water bottle with sugar poke holes and add a string to it hang it upside down and watch the humming birds.

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Get a jacket and a hanger, hang the jacket and put it somewhere that makes it look like a person 2 scare your parents.

Yo, hang out with yo peeps when yo get super bored dude. -Rad Dude

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