Things to Do with "hang"

1) Search up "Lost Doge," print a flyer and hang them up all over town.

2) When a telemarketer calls, answer the phone and say in a weird accent, "Hello, Dominoes, yes I would like to order a large anchovy pizza with extra anchovies, hold the cheese." Then hang up.

3) Go to a website and hang out there for a while.

4) Text your friend call it is and emergency then when they call say hi then hang up.

5) Go to a fan, test it to see if it makes your voice sound like a robot.Then, call somebody you know(or prank call) and while you are by the fan and say,"Soon, all robots will take over the world." then hang up.

6) Draw posters of yourself and hang them up in siblings room.

7) Call someone and ask them if they will go out with you. Wait a minute for their response then say "Whoops wrong person" and hang up.

8) When someone calls you and they ask for a different person say he/she dead then hang up.

9) Make lost pet signs for your python / cobra and hang them around your neighborhood.

10) Call your friend and ask them to call you in 5 seconds when they call you awnser and say new phone who dis and hang up.