Things to Do with "h"

1) That awkward moment when you realize what you just said.

2) Fill a hat with slips of paper with fun and goofy activities. Invite a friend over and pic out of the hat and do what it says!

3) Roses are red, violets are blue. Wait... violets are violet; I don't know about you.

4) The concept of absolutely nothing is far more mind boggling than the concept of infinity.

5) What if one person put a piece of bread on one side of the earth, and the another on the exact opposite side... EARTH SANDWICH

6) That terrible moment when you wake up, are on time, but fall back asleep waking up 3 hours later.

7) Are. you. Reading. this. with. pauses. -TheEndOfCreepers27

8) What if birthday wishes add up, but are only granted after we die.

9) This thought is from the future. You'll understand the reference soon.

10) A net is really just a bunch of holes tied together.