Best Things to Do with "h"

Try to hum with your nose plugged.

Go to a public place and yell "HEYYY YOU THERE WITH THE CLOTHES ON." See how many people look at you.

Turn on your Tv and have an agrument with the person talking on the Tv.

Visit a kid with cancer at the Hospital, and do anything you can to help them.

13 Things to Do If You Suddenly Get Turned into Stone

Try it : pinch the skin down of your elbow see it will never hurt.👍👍👍

Stand in the rain with your soaking wet hair over your face, and then when people walk by, stare at them until they stop. Take a couple of steps at a time until they freak out and run.

You and your best friend probably know almost, if not absolutely, everything about each other, right? Then why not try and pretend to be each other for a day? Have fun!

Watch a 'Try not to Laugh' challenge and see how long you last.

Terrible Prank Ideas

When your standing in a crowd, stare up into the ceiling and see how many people look up with you.

Go to a store, and yell out," MY MONKEY IS LOOSE!" Then watch the reactions, they are hilarious

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