Go trick or treating (even though it isn't Halloween).

Slide on the hard floor with your socks on.

In a crowded store hold a bag of skittles walk up to people shove it in there mouth and yell taste the rainbow.

Dance in front of cars with a group of people and see if the cars honk.

Go to a public place and yell "HEYYY YOU THERE WITH THE CLOTHES ON." See how many people look at you.

For all states that begin with a vowel put a 'W' in the front. Its hilarious!

Sing "Deck the halls with boughs of holly Ra ra ra ra ra ra raa."

When your at a store, and the intercom sounds, curl up in a ball on the ground rocking back and forth screaming "the voices," see how many people look/how many stores you get kicked out of.

Switch names with someone on the 1st day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out.

Try to high five strangers.

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