Things to Do with "h"

Have someone watch a horror movie and at the same night jump into their room dressed as a clown.

Put your hand in someone's hood and pretend you put something in it and watch them react.

Laugh like a deranged lunatic, wait until someone stares at you, stop laughing and walk away like nothing happened.

Label everything in your house with sticky notes.

Hide somewhere in the house and when you hear some one coming do an evil laugh .

If you have an empty mayo jar, fill it with yogurt and walk out in front of your fiends eating out of it. 😂

Play a song and then put the earphones in your nostrils, now open you mouth the music will be heard from there!!

Sit on a park bench and laugh at nothing see how many people look.

Blow bubbles in your milk with a straw and see how big you can make it go.

Try to hold your breath while doing a handstand. ( Impossible) See how long you will make it.

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