Best Things to Do with "group"

Go up to a group of people who are talking together and start talking to them as if you were there the whole time.

Walk up to a group of talking strangers and join their conversation casually.

Gather a small group and see who can eat a lime without making a "sour" face.

Go to a group of people at school and yell "DETOUR!" somehow it's surprisingly fun!

27 Not Funny Anti-Jokes

Go up to a group of complete strangers at a mall and get into their conversation.

Laugh evilly at a group of people.

Get near a group of people and start making a buzz sound and see how many people look around.

Run up to a group of people and start laughing.

17 Things to Do at School

Walk around with a group and put boxes on your heads, with faces drawn on them.

Go on a walk with a group of friends and split into teams. Every time a car passes, pose or dance, counting all of the honks you get. Meet back up with your friends and see who got the most. Im so bored.

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