Go to a group of people at school and yell "DETOUR!" somehow it's surprisingly fun!

With a group of people, go to a local icecream store at 5 min before closing time, and if they are a 24/7 stor then go at 4:20 am .

In the middle when a group of friends are talking, say woof. When I do it my friends don't notice, haha.

Dance in front of cars with a group of people and see if the cars honk.

Walk around with a group of friends attempting German accents (or a different accent) for about 6 hours. (I did this, it was amazing)

Wqlk up to a group of people, tap a bunch of them on the shoulder and run off.

Go up to a group of people, and say: "DEBRIEFING means, to pull down your underwear!", then pull down YOUR underwear. No wait. Don't do that.

Take an empty hand sanatizer container and clean it out and put water in it. When a large group of people are looking at you drink the water.

Walk around with a group and put boxes on your heads, with faces drawn on them.

Get together a group of friends. One person says a word, then the next person goes. Everyone take turns saying a word and make a silly story that doesn't make sense!

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