Things to Do with "google"

1) Make a cutout of a big bug, stick it inside a lamp shade and turn the lamp on!

2) Type Who's the cutest on Google and click I'm feeling lucky. ~~~~~AWESOME RESULTS~~~~~

3) Make up a nonsense word, then google it.

4) Glue google eyes and draw a moustache on a banana. This is your new friend, Mr. Banana.

5) Play with google translate.

6) Try and read this out loud: sacvlfsdritaowe uhreuroruriureii. And now google the meaning. Good Luck :)

7) Do a Prank that Donald Trump is calling you go to Google play and download Donald Trump phone prank.

8) Type your name into Google and see what comes up. Do it with people you know as well.

9) Search google on youtube.

10) Annoy your family by only talking to them with Google Translate.