Search rainbow chicken on google images. Yes it is a real thing.

Try to find Chuck Norris on Google Maps, and see what you get.

Go to google translate and translate from Czech to English: Nezdá se vám přejeme Vám mohl zabít někoho s brčkem.

Go to google images, hit your head on the keyboard, and see what comes up.

Go to Google then type in "Where is Chuck Norris" and click I'm feeling lucky.

Go to Google Translate and type in "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." Turn your volume all the way up, click the speaker button, and laugh uncontrollably.

Go on Google maps and find your house!! :)

Google your full name on Google Images

Type your name into Google and see what comes up. Do it with people you know as well.

Look up how to eat on Google and see what comes up.

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