Things to Do with "google"

1) Search "Atari Breakout" in Google Images. It's so much fun!

2) Go to Google and type "How to Google something".

3) Type your own name on Google and see if any stalkers made websites about you!

4) Type in your name as a URL or in Google search, and see who you really are.

5) Go to google translate and translate from Czech to English: Nezdá se vám přejeme Vám mohl zabít někoho s brčkem.

6) Type Who's the cutest on Google and click I'm feeling lucky. ~~~~~AWESOME RESULTS~~~~~

7) Go to Google and turn of internet and push Down enter and se what happens.

8) Find your house on google earth.

9) Glue google eyes and draw a moustache on a banana. This is your new friend, Mr. Banana.

10) Go to google images, hit your head on the keyboard, and see what comes up.