Things to Do with "going"

1) See how long you can stay going up the down escalator. Try not to bump into people though.

2) If you're going to make a big series of movies: PLEASE DON'T do what the Star Wars movies [companies], did, take too long. If you're going to do 9 - 10 main movies, do them in 7 years. Over 40 years is too long to wait, to see make all 9 movies.

3) In an elevator with a stranger going up, choose the floor below theirs but get off with them.

4) Start singing a relay annoying song or when people stop singing something you keep on going and see how many people look at you.

5) Go annoy someone by touching them over and over and if they don't respond, act like your going to lick them.

6) You and your friend dress up in robes and get sticks, then walk through the mall and talk about going to hogwarts😂!!!

7) Watch TV while it's mute and try to guess what's going on

8) Tilt back your chair until you feel like your going to fall.

9) Make up a story about potato's going to war with the carrots.

10) Put a peep (or a piece of candy) somewhere where no one will eat it, and see how long it lasts without going bad.