Things to Do with "going"

1) Tilt back your chair until you feel like your going to fall.

2) Get a turkey and take it out in public and keep going "cockodoodledoo" to it.

3) Move someones stuff like you are going to sit there, and then don't sit down.

4) Make up a memes. Like this one:One does not simply do something without going to this site.

5) Say you have to go to the bathroom, and take a quarter with you when you go. Pretend to go to the bathroom, wash your hands but don't dry them. Run to the person you told you were going to the bathroom and shove the quarter into their face and say "Look! I found a quarter in the toilet!&quo

6) Make up a story about potato's going to war with the carrots.

7) Put a peep (or a piece of candy) somewhere where no one will eat it, and see how long it lasts without going bad.

8) When someone wants to share something of yours cough like your going to die and give it to them.

9) See how long you can stay going up the down escalator. Try not to bump into people though.

10) Yell at a walmart employee "help the bacon is alive and it's going to eat me!!!"