Best Things to Do with "going"

Wonder if you are ever going to do anything on this site.

Move someones stuff like you are going to sit there, and then don't sit down.

Yell at a walmart employee "help the bacon is alive and it's going to eat me!!!"

Watch a Spanish TV show and laugh every time you don't understand what's going on.

Start singing a relay annoying song or when people stop singing something you keep on going and see how many people look at you.

At Walmart, lead a trail of lemonade going into the bathroom.

Go to a place with a lot of people (like a mall) and start singing the Little Einsteins Theme song, see how many people are going to sing with you.

Make up a story about potato's going to war with the carrots.

Tilt back your chair until you feel like your going to fall.

Watch TV while it's mute and try to guess what's going on

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