At lunch start singing the happy birthday song with you are one or two of your friends and see how many people you don't even know join in.

Take one of your friends phone and change all the contacts to State Farm.

Go To Your Friends house, Put Flour On The Fan And Turn On The Fan When They Walk In The Room :).

Go on your friends phone and download apps that spell something and watch their reaction!

Poke your friends until they feel like slapping you.

Get a group of friends and assign them all a roll (mom, dad, son, uncle) and see how long they go with it.

Pet all your friends like they're your pet.

With friends in a store, find the security camera and start dancing.

Copy and paste this lenny ----> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Spam your friends with it.

Become best friends with a tree and introduce it to people who walk by.

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