Fun Things to Do with Friends

1) When you have a sleep over with friends whoever falls asleep first draw on their face.

2) Run to your friends house ring the door bell and run then go to the back door and knock on it.

3) Pet all your friends like they're your pet.

4) Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

5) Talk in a British accent for the whole week. (My friends and I are starting one this Wednesday!)

6) Stare really hard a your friend's nose while having a conversation, when you get close enough (not too close), poke it, then walk away.

7) Give your friends nicknames from the opposite gender.

8) Go to your friends house at midnight and make pancakes with them.

9) Go to a Walmart with friends and buy only three things and see who can creep the cashier out the most with them. Ex: plunger, bucket, and bleach :)

10) Change all contact names on you friends phone to Harry Potter names.