Things to Do with "friends"

Have you and your friends have a dance party in a elevator, when some one else enters, stop dancing.

Have a contest with your friends to see who can do the best impressions of your teachers.

Get your friends phone and change all their contacts names to Star Wars/ Something Funny.

Give strangers, homeless people, and friends gifts for no reason whatsoever. (:

Wear a blindfold, and do your friends makeup.

Stare into your friends eyes while licking a cupcake and then smash the same cupcake into their face.

Fall of your bed laughing at nothing while your friends are at your house.

Compare all your friends to animals and decide which each one is.

When you have a sleep over with friends whoever falls asleep first draw on their face.

When you are bored try to play multiplayer games with your friends or something.

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