Fun Things to Do with Friends

1) Become best friends with a tree and introduce it to people who walk by.

2) Do the worm with a few friends across the floor inside Walmart.

3) Play hide and seek tag with a few friends and when someone comes by say, "YOUR IT."

4) If you ever volunteer or have to clean someone's house, go dressed up as Snow White and have friends come in the house dressed up as forest animals when you start singing.

5) Get your friends phone and change all their contacts names to Star Wars/ Something Funny.

6) Go to Ikea with a friend, both of you hide in a wardrobe, then when someone walks past, both of you casually step out of the wardrobe and say in a really casual voice (no giggling), " we're back from Narnia" but have one of your other friends record every thing.

7) Unplug your friends mouse or his/her computer while they are using it, and they will keep using it without knowing that it is unplugged.

8) Make an obstacle course in your house or your backyard. Invite friends over and make them do it.

9) In the middle when a group of friends are talking, say woof. When I do it my friends don't notice, haha.

10) Pet all your friends like they're your pet.