Best Things to Do with "friends"

Go to and prank your friends into thinking they have a twin.

Go on a walk with a group of friends and split into teams. Every time a car passes, pose or dance, counting all of the honks you get. Meet back up with your friends and see who got the most. Im so bored.

Have a contest with your friends to see who can do the best impressions of your teachers.

Wear a blindfold, and do your friends makeup.

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Have you and your friends have a dance party in a elevator, when some one else enters, stop dancing.

When you have a sleep over with friends whoever falls asleep first draw on their face.

Stare into your friends eyes while licking a cupcake and then smash the same cupcake into their face.

Dance behind people with your friends its fun.

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Stay up all night with friends and have a competition to see who can stay up the longest.

Pretend to sleep walk at a friends house when you are staying the night.

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