Play rock, paper, scissors with a friend and keep on making up a move every time!!

Your teacher says pick a partner at school and you look at your friend like a fat, weird pug.

Prank call your friend and say in a British accent, "Hello, this is Pizza Hut. Would you like a pizza?"

Have a competition with a friend : who can walk in a strangers shadow for the longest!!

Give your imaginary friend a high five.

Whisper and giggle really urgently with a friend as if you were sharing a huge secret, but when someone walks by, both of you stare silently at the person until they pass you, then start whispering again.

Text your friend at midnight and ask how to make a PB and J sandwich.

Watch your friend in there sleep and when they wake up say " you smell different when your asleep."

Make up an imaginary friend and hang out with him or her for as long as you want an when people stare induce them to you imaginary friend JUST DO IT!👍🏼

You and your best friend probably know almost, if not absolutely, everything about each other, right? Then why not try and pretend to be each other for a day? Have fun!

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