Things to Do with "friend"

Walk up to your best friend and then rapidly run away from them.

Pretend that a peanut is your best friend and introduce it to your parents.

Go to a store with your friend and get in the shopping carts and joust with wrapping paper.

When your friend is about to eat something snatch it of him or her and eat it.

When your friend is sleeping write in permanent marker: I'm a shop lifter, then take them shopping.

See how many times you and you're friend can switch seats without the teacher noticing.

Try to get people to think you and your best friend are sisters/brothers.

Make a friend a homemade smoothie and add disgusting things.

Put on all the gear you have (rist guards, knee pads, helmet, etc) and take a long stick. Chase a family member or friend and see how they react. 😂😂😂

Turn on the TV with your friend and talk to the guy on the screen.

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