Walk Into A Really Busy Place And Fall Down.

In school walk behind someone when they turn around fall on the ground and stay there till they leave :).

Look upward and spin in circles until you fall down.

Whenever you fall down, and no one comes to help you get back up, slowly scoot towards someone with you hand raised.

Have a conversation with somebody then stare at the floor than fall down.

Act like your need to pee really bad and fall on the ground and try to get help.

When your siting in school when the teacher is looking fall out of your chair.

Get all your pillows and cushions in a corner and place them properly to make a chair. (optional step: Put a blanket over it so it doesn't fall off), then slip out another blanket and cuddle yourself in it and make yourself comfortable on your homemade chair. Then go through this website to find

Spin in circles and see how long it takes to fall down .

If anyone turns the lights out, fall to the ground and pretend you're dead before they come back on.

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