Best Things to Do with "fall"

When someone makes physical contact with you, pretend to trip and fall to the ground and see how they react.

If anyone turns the lights out, fall to the ground and pretend you're dead before they come back on.

Bounce up to someone acting super hyper then shove a chocolate chip in your mouth and yell "i'M TIRED" and pretend to fall asleep curled around their feet.

Get on a bus, stand in the aisle, and don't hold on to anything. Try not to fall over.

Find an office chair and spin on it until you are so dizzy you fall off.

Draw on someone when they fall asleep.

When someone tries to hug you slip out of their hands and fall on the ground.

Yell infinity and beyond! As loud as you can jump into the air fall and crawl away slowly.

Go into a furniture store and fall asleep on a couch.

When someone looks at you, fall to the ground and pretend to die.

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