Best Things to Do with "fake"

Buy a donald trump mask online and go to a public place wearing it with something a president would wear. Bring a friend with you who has a hillary mask and outfit on. Have a fake fight with eachother. See who notices.

Leave a fake spoiler.

During winter, go to the mall and force the fake santa to show you his sleigh.

Lay on the floor of an elevator without moving. Even better, cover yourself with fake blood.

Pretend to have a conversation on a fake phone then yell and throw it on the ground/in the trash!

Buy a fake snake and push it under a public bathroom stall door.

Get a fake Rat tie a string to the rat, hide and when someone walks by pull the string.

Make a fake diary/journal and put stuff in it so when someone looks in it it will have stuff for them to do! (ex, a brother reads the fake diary and when he reads the part when someone he likes would like it if he dressed with more swag he would problably do it)

Find someone with a black phone and make them forget it, use a black wallet, get the phone, put the wallet on the phone covering it and either fake drop it or act like your mad and throw the wallet across the room.

Have friend fake a seizure at Red Lobster. Grab a lobster from tank. Hide lobster in funny place. Record reaction of lobster finding.

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