Things to Do with "fake"

1) Find someone with a black phone and make them forget it, use a black wallet, get the phone, put the wallet on the phone covering it and either fake drop it or act like your mad and throw the wallet across the room.

2) Spam your friends phone and when they texted back text back saying,"Stop Texting Me So Much" then have a fake argument about who spamed whos phone.

3) If you know someone that barely knows how to use a computer, call it and tell that his computer have problems, then make it screw up its own pc.

4) Buy a donald trump mask online and go to a public place wearing it with something a president would wear. Bring a friend with you who has a hillary mask and outfit on. Have a fake fight with eachother. See who notices.

5) Make fake money and put in a wallet give the wallet to a person watch their face turn into a huge smile 20 seconds later tell them🤑.

6) Let a stinkbomb off in the classroom and then put fake poop in the corner ;nd say" the mean girl / boy pooped."

7) Pretend to have a conversation on a fake phone then yell and throw it on the ground/in the trash!

8) Make a fake tooth out of paper then go out in a public place, pull the tooth out and yell"look mom Ilost a tooth!"

9) Buy a fake snake and push it under a public bathroom stall door.

10) Go to a pool with a friend and go to the shallow end and say "HELP IM love AND I CANT GET OUT" then fake drown.