Best Things to Do with "bring"

Clean out a mayonnaise bottle and replace it with yogurt. Then, bring it to lunch at school and start eating it.

Buy a donald trump mask online and go to a public place wearing it with something a president would wear. Bring a friend with you who has a hillary mask and outfit on. Have a fake fight with eachother. See who notices.

If your sibling is sick and you have to bring home their homework, throw in a couple more "assignments".

Bring a chair into the elevator and a few books and stay there and read. Bring some coffee too.

Empty out a bleach bottle and refill it with milk. Carry it around and drink from it . For best effect, bring a cup along too.

When you go to the store bring a Sharpie permanent marker and write on every grape juice bottle: Kid Wine.

At school on a casual clothes day bring a spare set of clothes and change in the middle of the day (Bonus: Swap clothes with a friend).

Climb a tree at 2 in the morning, and bring a harmonica. When someone walks by, start playing.

At a dog shelter, bring a speaker and then release all the dogs. Then play 'WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!!!!' Point at someone and said that they did it.

Go in a supermarket dressed as Dora, don't forget to bring a map. And ask a stranger "Where is the shampoo?" Before they can answer, "Wait, we can just follow the magical troll bridge." When you get to it, sing the 'We Did It' song. It's hilarious.

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