Things to Do with "bottle"

1) Pretend to sneeze and squirt someone with a spray bottle. After a few times dump the whole bottle on

2) Freeze water bottles and cut off the plastic and use the water bottle shaped ice to use as a bowling ball to throw down the hallway in your dorm hall.

3) Put vanilla pudding in a sunscreen bottle eat at the beach or outdoor pool.

4) Get a friend or sibling, start bottle fliping. The first person to get 3 standing bottles wins.

5) Fill a water bottle with sugar poke holes and add a string to it hang it upside down and watch the humming birds.

6) Clean out (really good) a bottle of windex and put blue gatorade in it and spray it in your mouth in public:}.

7) Empty a Windex bottle and put blue Gatorade in it and walk around spraying it in your mouth. see how many people freak out

8) Get a bottle of hand sanitizer and empty it then get clear glue fill it up, give it to people.

9) Empty a bottle of Windex, wash it out, fill it with blue Gatorade and walk down the street drinking it.

10) Carry a water bottle around a friend's house, and when they start talking to you, drink it like crazy.