Things to Do with "book"

1) Write an entire book about potatoes.

2) Sit on the road and read a book if a car honks honk back with a air horn.

3) Read a book aloud and in a British accent. If you're British, read it in a Jamaican accent.

4) Go to the library and ask for a book for dumb people. When they give you a book say " It's to hard!".

5) Try to buy a book from the library.

6) Say a whole page of a book backwards, then try without the book to look at.

7) Do a headstand on your couch and try to read a book :).

8) Hang around with a book on the highway.

9) Read a book on the toilet and see how long you can stay in there before someone tries to use the bathroom.

10) In school, read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.