Things to Do with "book"

In school, read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.

Sit in a public area and pretend to read a book, but hold the book upside down and see how many people notice.

Read a book on wattpad.

Walk around all day reading a how-to for dummies book upside down.

Pick a book which is closest to you ,open page 42 ,the first sentence will describe your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Go into public and read a book while its upsidedown.

Go on YouTube and go to the video "Cooking by the Book but Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, and Stingy Can't Keep Their Voices Down." Turn up the volume as high as it can go, click "play," and run to another room.

Read a book upside down in front of someone and see if they react.

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