Best Things to Do with "book"

Sit in a public area and pretend to read a book, but hold the book upside down and see how many people notice.

In school, read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.

Read a book upside down in front of someone and see if they react.

Read a book on wattpad.

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Go into public and read a book while its upsidedown.

Walk around all day reading a how-to for dummies book upside down.

Pretend to read a book and actually star at someone...when they look look at the book and see how long this goes on

Go into a library, hold a book upside down and see how many people realize.

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Read a book on the toilet and see how long you can stay in there before someone tries to use the bathroom.

Sit on the road and read a book if a car honks honk back with a air horn.

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