Things to Do When You're Bored — Page 2

Go to a busy store like Walmart, put headphones in your ears but don't plug them in, them put on loud girly music and dance to it.

Have a staring contest with your cat and see who blinks first.

Just think about life.

DO THE NEXT THING. Do. It. Now!! Why are you still reading this? Go! Do it now!

Google "big red button" and look at the first one.

Order something than when ups gets there say I canceled this a minute ago.

Google nose sock it's not inappropriate it's just weird and funny.

Get a diaper then some chocolate and wipe it on the diaper then go to your mom, dad, or anyone and start licking the diaper.

Get sticky notes, put them on peoples cars with "sorry about the damage" and watch them look.

Dress up like Kool-Aid man and go to a park and waddle like a penguin and say "I am a lonely cat. Be my owner!"