Call 2 takeout restaurants and hold the phones up to each other.

Go to Walmart with a list of 10 items to find. Make 2 teams and see who can get back to the entrance first. Make them show the receipt to prove it.

Listen to 2 completely different songs at the same time, see what it sounds like.

Waste 2 seconds of your life by reading this.

Go into an elevator so there is only 2 of you in there poke the other person and pretend it wasn't u.

Get a old shirt and get 2 people and put their both of their arms through the arm holes and get 1 more persons head in the head hole and walk around.

Get a jacket and a hanger, hang the jacket and put it somewhere that makes it look like a person 2 scare your parents.

Climb a tree at 2 in the morning, and bring a harmonica. When someone walks by, start playing.

Look at this post and nothing else for 2 minutes. Try not to look away.

Follow 2 or more people at Walmart and deep in the conversation start talking and "join" in the conversation.

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