Things to Do When You're Bored — Page 2

Go up too a person and say hi then give there child candy walk away a d see if they throw away the candy.

Go to the super market in a banana costume and eat a banana off the shelf.

Hate on the hearthstone ads on this website.

I dare you to either: 1) eat chocolate and send the box to a friend for a holiday that's coming up or their birthday or...

Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch people attempt to pick it up.

Put a box a candy on the road and watch how many fat people go to it.

Start a YouTube account doing vines of all the things on this website.

Get behind a tree or a bush or something and grab people's ankles as they walk by.

Stand outside and act normal. Untill a car comes by, then go completely nuts and shout weird things. This is really fun to do with friends.

Laugh whenever someone starts talking.