Best Prank Ideas

Follow people around and when they look at you, run and spread your body on a wall and stare at them until they look away. If anyone asks you what you are doing tell them you are camouflaged and they can't see you

Order a pizza at 11:59 on New Years Eve, when the pizza comes shout "I ordered this thing a year ago" and film the reaction.

Loudly shout "Giant flying sheep." everytime you see clouds.If someone stares at you, stand there and point at the clouds.

Go to a store and ask what year it is and then after they answer, say " YES WE DID IT".

Terrible Prank Ideas

Look at some one until they look at you. then you say there is something behind you! as they look get up and run away

If you are eating popcorn and watching a movie, DVD, etc. eat it really really slowly and savor every bite. Compare your bowl with someone/ if someone asks for seconds say "you are done already?!?!?! " it's really funny if it works

Text Someone, "Did you Hide the Body?" Follow up With, "I hope we don't get caught..." then say, "Sorry Wrong Number."

Find a kid younger than you and say that you are their future self-starter and just make up stuff and have fun with them. It's so funny.

Waste Time on This Page

When your at a slepover when everyones asleep scream and then pretend it wasnt you.

Stare at the ceiling until someone notices. Then look at them and scream, "THIS TELEPATHIC CONVERSATION IS PRIVATE!" Then continue staring at the ceiling.

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