Prank Ideas

Try to say "literally" in public while holding your tounge. See how many people also try to do it

Run away from any car screaming 'WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME???!?' Or ' I DIDNT DO ANY THING '

Randomly say it is way too loud in the middle of class when it is very quiet.

Go to chic fa la and start doing squats in the middle of the store then yell I want ice cream see what people say!

At school put a milk carton under their feet if the have Jordan's and just watch them yell.

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Random Game Button

Walk into Domino's, walk up to the counter, and ask for directions to the nearest Pizza Hut.

Get some bread and throw them on people sitting on a bench and say here kitty kitties.

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Ask for something that is not on the menu. When they say that they do not have it, get emotional.

Ask someone to try to think of as many words as they can using this sentence: Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. See how long it keeps them occupied.

What’s the difference between a piano, a tuna and glue “text your friend that and then say” you can tun-a piano but you can’t piano a tuna😂 and then your friend says what about the glue then you say that’s where I thought you’d get stuck!