Prank Ideas

Go too Walmart and ask where K-Mart is.

Go scream at a tree and break up with it and see if people stare.

Ask for some water and say its to wet and send them back.

Say whats this button do and push your belly button then laugh like a maniac.

Hit someone. Tell them the internet made you do it.

Say to someone "May the force be with you." and run around pretending you have a light-saber.

Knock on your next door neighbours door and put a basket with a fake doll in it at their place mat then run away.

Walk into a gun show and yell hes got a gun.

Walk into KFC in a chicken suit; scream your eating my babies then run out. Then come back in and order a bucket of chicken.

When your in an elevator simply moo if anyone looks say you just ate a burger.

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