Prank Ideas

Go to a train station, and run in to a wall then yell "I thought this was the way to Hogwarts".

Tap on someone's shoulder and point at a trash can and say "ain't that look gooood".

Ask someone their name and then when the answer look down and whisper "its him" then run away.

Try to buy a single grape ^_^.

Talk to your friend in a different language (learning a new one is also fine) and act as if they know what you are saying.

When you see a sexy daddy say "Hey chicken crap".

Put sticky notes around a store or your home and write on all of them "I can see you" and once someone looks at the note you make a creepy noise.

Submit one of your own prank ideas:

Tell someone to play Hide and Seek and let them hide. When they can't see you go somewhere else and don't look for them.

Text you friend and say I thought no I left my phone at your place.

Go into KFC with a live chicken and say "so where do I put it?" Then walk away.


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