Eat a hot-dog with maple syrup. Tell the nearest person it's good. See there reaction.

Write 'I don't like you' On 12 pieces of paper, then hand it to 1 person, when you hand it to them, automatically... RUN!

Walk around in public holding a sign sideways that says if you turn your head I win.

When the teacher calls on you shout "THIS GUY!".

In public, take a bite of fruit, make weird noises, jump around like a hungry monster for at least 10 seconds, and pretend nothing happened.

Ride a broom in public and yell "I'M COMING FOR YOU VOLDEMORT!"

Call your friend and say that they have the wrong number and to stop calling.

When teacher calls on you say I'm not here right now please leave a message after the beep (beep).

Call someone (you know) and do a weird accent. See what they will do.

Go to a public Supermarket and yell at a bag of potatoes "YOU RUINED MY LIFE!".

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